Meet Our Associates

Each of our associates are registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences in California

Associate Marriage and Family therapists and Social Workers are clinicians that have completed their Master's degree and are currently working on obtaining 3,000+ hours with various populations of people.


Private Practice is one of many settings that they can choose to complete this monumental task.  After they have completed their hours they will then submit their hours to the Board of Behavioral Science and begin the process of studying for their state board exam. 

It is with tremendous gratitude that I have the opportunity and privilege to supervise them and be apart of this process. 

Please feel free to contact our staff below via the website or through their Psychology Today Profile. 

If you are interested in working in a Private Practice setting please feel free to contact me via the website, phone or email.  

Cody Norris, M.S - AMFT 117090

I help teens and young adults navigate the process of exploring their identity and their place in a difficult world. I work primarily with teens and young adults who may be struggling with the many transitions that occur during this phase of life, especially if you are making sense of bad experiences or broken relationships from childhood. This confusion can show up in different ways. You might feel anxious, depressed, or angry, isolate yourself from others, or argue with family. Sometimes you might experience voices, visions, or beliefs that others think are strange. You are not alone.

I aim to help you uncover your inner strengths and coping abilities, while also providing some concrete tools for managing your stress, anxiety, and depression. I believe that our relationships with others are one of our greatest sources of strength and resilience. I practice trauma-informed, systemic therapy.


Reaching out for help is an essential part of being human, not an indication that something is wrong with you. I look forward to talking with you for a free phone consultation to see if your therapeutic goals would be a good fit with my approach. I am currently accepting new clients.

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Sipora B. Weissman, MSW - ACSW 95374

I understand what it's like to live life ruled by devastating chronic pain and illness, crippling anxiety, and being so sensitive that you feel everything! I help people resolve chronic pain, anxiety and sadness, not just manage it. Connecting the dots to understand how your childhood (upbringing, trauma, stressful events, family) may be contributing to your mental distress today can be extremely eye opening and transformative. Healing and becoming a secure capable human is the goal and completely attainable! I view therapy as a collaboration and as a therapist I am an active participant and guide.


While I work with a variety of individuals, I sub-specialize in mind body syndromes also known as Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) such as chronic pain, IBS, Fibromyalgia, fatigue, female pelvic pain such as Vulvodynia, anxiety, and more. I am fascinated in neuroplasticity, how our brains can change, and how we can heal from these syndromes!


In my sessions I pull from multiple therapy modalities. I am a Certified Trauma Professional and am trained in EMDR and like using it for limiting self-beliefs and trauma. I see clients throughout the day and into the evening in person and virtually. Find out more about me by visiting my website and setting up your complementary 20 minute phone call.

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